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Grand National North

GN North-1 Chassis: Any commercially available 1/10th scale direct drive pan car chassis is eligible.

GN North-1a Aftermarket bumpers are permitted but must not protrude outside of the body.

GN North-1b Maximum width = 9.875:, Minimum Width = 7.25”, Maximum length = 20”, Maximum Wheel Base = 11”, Minimum Wheel Base = 9”, Ride Height (bottom chassis) = 5mm minimum including button head screws.

GN North-1c Weight of thecar race ready –including transponder (personal or track supplied) Must be 38oz. minimum

GN North-2 Bodies: Bodies must be McAllister Gen 6 Fusion or SS and the Protoform RT-C.

GN North-2a Bodies must be realistically trimmed -wheel wells must be cut out with 100% of the tire visible.Rear of body must remain intact but can be trimmed to 1.75” from top of deck lid.

GN North-2b Bodies must be realistically painted, windows must remain transparent.

GN North-2c Rear spoiler supplied with body must be no taller than 1.5” from deck lid measured along plane of spoiler.


GN North-2e The Hooter Chassis Outlaw Tour sticker must be place on the rear window area of the body.

GN North-3 Batteries: Any August 1st 2017 ROAR 2S Lipo Battery up to 5200mah with continuous C rating to 100, bullets or plug of your choice, You can use shorties, super shorties, full length packs, Saddles, etc and for all you guys with cars that have brass trays or "pockets" look at the offerings from Fantom part numbers FAN26214/FAN26215 or Trakpower part number TKPC0607, these are all 2S batteries that are in cases that are the same size a 1S pack.(no HV packs permitted)

GN North-4 Motor: Duratrax Photon Speed 2 DTX3301

GN North-5 ESC: Any Brushed ESC

GN North-6 Tires: CRC Rubber Tires Front and Rear