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Mudboss Brushless

Mudboss Brushless Class Rules
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​-TRAXXAS 2wd (SLASH or RAPTOR) chassis only
-Salvas EDM body only (We stock them)
-Chassis: Original MFG suspension parts only, no other parts allowed (such as from RPM)
-Original MFG chassis parts only, no aftermarket hop-ups, no aluminum parts
-Front bumper must be removed, side bumpers can also be removed if so desired. Rear bumper must be either removed or trimmed according to this figure
-TRAXXAS front optional bumper (TRA2735) can be used (angled down)
-No alterations to the chassis (such as holes, or removal of material by any means)
-TRAXXAS Low CG chassis is allowed (not mandatory)
-You may use an aftermarket servo saver or solid arm to replace the stock traxxas servo saver.

-Any ESC w/no timing (boost) profile available
-Roar Approved 13.5 Brushless Motor
-Traxxas 2075 Servo or Savox SC-0252MG Servo
-Any Radio/Receiver combination except noted in General Rules
-Any 2s hard case battery up to 5200mah/50c with external plug, deans/traxxas etc. Max starting voltage at race time: 8.4V
-No sound boxes

-JACO 2055LP on all 4 corners, these are all rear offset. Use of traction compound is not permitted. **Can be trued**

-Original plastic shocks with original springs sold with vehicle, no LCG kit springs.
-Front spring(s) may have up to 3 coils cut from them.
-Adjustments: The only adjustments allowed to the car are those allowed by the original MFG components of the car.

-TRAXXAS 76/83/86/90 spur with all transmission parts in place (including slipper)
-Any Pinion
-The gear cover must be off at all times to allow for visual inspection of the gears and slipper assembly.

-You are allowed to move the wheel spacers (Black, grey or a combination of both)
-Limiting spacers or fuel tubing may be used on the shock shafts inside or outside of the shock body to limit overall length and/or travel.
-Minimum Clearance 3/8"