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Oval Legends Breakout

Current Breakout Time: 6.1 seconds (subject to change)

1. The first rule is that if the rules do not specifically state that you can do something, YOU CANNOT DO IT.

2. Absolutely no changes to the configuration of the chassis or cutting on the chassis parts. No replacement parts of graphite or other higher tech materials.

3. Any location of receiver and speed control on top of the battery plate is allowed. Steering servo may be mounted on the front axle plate, or under the long battery tray. (Mounting the servo to the chassis with screws is permitted)

4. No changes in the steering blocks, axle, or springs. Shims are allowed on springs to stiffen front ends. May also add the front kingpin brace (5240) to help prevent front axle breakage in severe wrecks. You may put a washer behind the e-clip on the front axle to stop it from pulling through the steering block.

5. Original front steering rods can be bent as needed, if the steering servo is mounted on the front axle plate. Double lock collars are allowed on each side of the steering linkage to prevent slippage.
-5b. Aftermarket 1/10 scale turnbuckles are now permitted

6. Factory front bumper must remain on the car.

7. No ball bearings allowed anywhere on the car, except inside servos. No modifications to the oilite bushings in any way.

8. No changes allowed to rear axle or differential. No ceramic or carbide diff balls or drive rings allowed. No 64 pitch gears– must use original type 81 tooth 48 pitch diff gear . No lightweight rear axles. No thrust bearings allowed, except one in the diff assembly. Steel pinions only.

9. You may change the left side (setscrew) hub to 5313 nylon/aluminum Hybrid hub only, or use 1/4 “ spacer on the left side with the original 5311 hub, and 5309 narrow diff hub to narrow the rear track. Reducing the track width of the car can increase rear traction if needed.

10. Only genuine R/C LEGENDS bodies are allowed as replacements NO changes allowed from trim lines, except for 1/4 “ tolerance around wheels. Body must be painted & all windows clear or cut out. It is legal to reinforce the inside of the body where the side posts go thru with tape or scrap lexan from the wheel cutouts.

11. No rollover or stiff antennas allowed. Antenna may be mounted inside the body for small tracks where radio range is not a problem.

12. CRC Rubber Tires only (#2314).***

13. Tires must be mounted in the direction shown in the kit instructions (No reversing front tires).

14. The only permitted motor is the Duratrax Photon 2 20T Brushed Motor (DTXC3301)
-14b. RJS5248 Legends motor heat sink is allowed. Keeps the motor running cooler and last longer.

15. Battery pack must remain in the stock location, down the center of the chassis between the frame rails. SMC 4000 or 4300 Spec Pack only. Max starting voltage at race time is 4.2V

16. Must use original equip. pinion gear (21 or 22 tooth 48 pitch STEEL)

17. RJS5246 3pc. Front Axle Plate is Legal

18. RJS5250 Linkage Kit is Legal

19. REVERSE: not allowed

20. Minimum Weight: 34oz

21. All weight must be contained within the chassis

22. Chassis & Car Dimensions must be within the following ranges:
-Wheelbase: 9.3 - 9.4"
-Front Width: Maximum 8"
-Rear Width: 7.875 - 8.375"
-Roof Height: Minimum 5" from ground
-Front Tire Width: 1.1 - 1.25"
-Rear Tire Width: 1.9 - 2.1"
-Maximum Tire Diameter: 2.4"

23. Motor must remain sealed.  Absolutely no tampering with the motor.

24. Legal Bodies:
-RJS1016 '34 Coupe
-RJS1017 '37 Sedan
-RJS1018 '40 Coupe
-RJS1035 '34 Sedan
-RJS1036 '37F Coupe
-RJS1044 '37F Sedan
-RJS1045 '37C Coupe
-RJS1046 '37D Coupe
-BL 2244 '34F Coupe
-BL 2267 '37D Coupe
-BL 2270 '34F Sedan
-BL 2290 '37C Coupe
-BL 2291 '37F Sedan
-BL 2294 '37F Coupe
-BL 2295 '37C Sedan
-BL 2296 '40F Coupe

***Any striped spec foam tire is legal for the first 2017-2018 point series.  After that it is rubber tires only.