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Oval Stadium Truck

Stock Stadium Truck Class Rules (Oval)

Approved Chassis List:

Team Associated: T3, T4, T4.2, T5M
Team Losi: XXX-T, 22T, 22T 2.0, 22T 3.0
Team X-Ray: XT2

Other chassis may or may not be allowed. Please contact us for approval. Absolutely no custom chassis are permitted.  If you have a custom chassis you will be bumped into Mod Truck.

-No short shock towers and shocks, must use stock shock towers and shocks
-Body: Any stadium truck type body designed to fit the chosen chassis. May use included spoiler, but no side dams permitted.
-Batteries: Any 2S LiPo. Max starting voltage at race time: 8.4V
-Motors: Any ROAR approved 17.5 brushless motor.
-ESC: Any ROAR Sportsman ESC. Must be set to zero degree timing “Blinky” mode.
-Tires: Any foam tire manufactured for use with stadium trucks. (Mounting your own tires is also allowed since some trucks will not accept conventional foam tires) Must be stadium truck size wheels
-Minimum Ride Height: 1/4"