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Track Rules

2016-2017 Track Rules*

  1. No smoking.
  2. All Lithium Polymer/Ion (Li-Po) batteries must be charged and stored within a fireproof pouch/box whenever it isn't in a race. No exceptions.
  3. All vehicles MUST be teched prior to each race. If a car does not pass tech it is not allowed on the track.
  4. All drivers are expected to be ready to race when called
  5. All drivers are required to turn marshall after their race unless a replacement has been arranged.  Anyone who is not a registered driver is NOT permitted to marshall.
  6. No traction compound or tire cleaners permitted
  7. All vehicles must have a body when operating on the track.  All sharp edges on the vehicle must be smoothed prior to running on the track.
  8. Vehicle repairs may not be performed during a race and/or on the drivers stand.  A broken or damaged car must be removed from the track and is not allowed to return for that race. Turn marshalls are not allowed to perform repairs.*Body tucks do not apply and may be fixed by the marshall.
  9. No stand-in drivers for heats or mains and no changing vehicles for heats or mains.
  10. Violation of class rules may result in suspension.
  11. All vehicles must be running foam tires on the oval track and road course unless deemed legal by management. Rubber is permitted on the off-road track.
  12. We have a zero tolerance policy against foul language and poor behavior. There are no warnings. At the discretion of track management any violation of this policy is an immediate ejection from the premises and may include a suspension. This is both a place of business and a family environment, neither of which can condone poor behavior.
  13. Cheating will not be tolerated
  14. The computer determines the official race results. Result alterations can only be made at the discretion of track management.
  15. No food or drinks allowed on the track, allowed in pit area only.
  16. No congregating in the store area
  17. If you are not using a 2.4 GHz radio you must alert management.
  18. All Traxxas Slash vehicles must have the rear bumper either removed or trimmed according to this figure.
  19. Racing Etiquette: 
  • Please respect class rules and the rules of the track.  If a rule is not clear to you please ask management, do not look for a way to exploit it.  If you plan on doing something that you know could be seen as cheating you probably shouldn't do it.  Seeing  someone else cheat does not make it ok for you to cheat.  We have no tolerance for those who intentionally bend or break the rules.
  • Lapped traffic or slower vehicles should always yield to the cars on the lead lap or those that are clearly faster. (This is not a rule but proper racing etiquette and applies to both heats and mains)

    *Rules subject to change